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Polyester resins


Product Description

Polyester resins are translucent viscous liquids used either alone or in combination with reinforcing fabrics for the production of composite reinforced structures. Polyester resins are thermosetting materials (thermosetting plastic or thermoset), i.e. are petrochemical materials that harden irreversibly. Hardening can occur by heating, generally at high temperature up to 200 ° C (392 ° F), through chemical reaction, or by suitable irradiation. These thermosetting materials are typically liquid before hardening. When a thermosetting resin is cured it cannot be reheated and melted in another format.
Polyester resins, applied either into molds or externally to existing structures to strengthen them and are designed to be molded, laminated or used as adhesives.

Types of polyester resins

There are many types of polyester resins, depending on the requirements of the articles produced:

  • Orthophthalic polyester resins
  • isophthalic polyester resins
  • ECO resins (reduced styrene emissions)
  • Orthophthalic DCPD polyester resins
  • vinylester resins
  • Flame retardant resins
  • Zero-shrinkage resins for mold making


The polyester resins can be classified according to the following characteristics:

  • If they contain accelerator or not
  • Depending on the application method
    • Casting
    • Open Molding / Hand Lamination ie application by hand
    • Vacuum Infusion injection vacuum
    • Closed molding etc.
  • If they are filled or not

General Tips for Use

  • Stir the resin (polyester) prior to use.
  • Use of polyester resins ideally around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, and with the least possible environmental humidity.
  • The storage of resins is very important. Always store in a cool, shady area. Beware in the winter, if you store the resins in cold area, do not start your work directly using the resin which is already cold inside. Leave it for some time in the heat to warm up and then start your work
  • If you do not use all the resin of the container at once, seal the container well, to keep the material as fresh as possible for next time.
  • For the final curing of all polyester resins, it is necessary to add a catalyst MEKP (2% by weight for an average ambient temperature of 20 -25oC, and ambient relative humidity up to 50%)
  • After adding the catalyst, the geltime of the mixture is 15-25 minutes, depending on the environmental conditions before it starts to polymerize. It is possible that different resins have different geltimes times, therefore please refer to Technical Brochure features of each product for more information
  • Coverage: there is no rule, because it depends on the thickness of the interlining used. Indication: 1 to 1.1 kg of polyester resin is required to impregnate 1 m2 of fiberglass 450gr / m2.
  • Do not dilute polyester resins. If necessary, use styrene but not more than 10% by weight.
  • The polyester resins can be colored with suitable pigments, provided they do not exceed 10% by weight

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