(Methacrylate) 2-Component Adhesives

Product Description

MMA adhesives provide very strong bonding up to 25Mpa for homogeneous and heterogeneous substrates such as glass, metals (aluminum, iron, alloys, etc.), plastic (ABS, acrylic, PVC, polycarbonate …), Composites, wood etc. ., while in many cases bonding is achieved without primer. Adhesives combine very high elongation to 400%, and resistance to shocks, vibrations, peeling. The shrinkage is about 1%. The adhesives SAF® comprise of base + hardner, and are available with different geltime options, allowing the user to control the polymerization time from several minutes to hours.


MMA® adhesives withstand:


  • Fire & smoke. Accreditations M1 / ​​F1 (NF F16-101 & STM-S 001 models)
  • -40 up to 150 ° C, without losing its mechanical characteristics
  • Moisture: even during welding
  • Fresh water, seawater constantly sinking, deionized water
  • U.V. Non-yellowing, no mechanical resistances affected.
  • Aggressive environments such as alkalis, acids, solvents, oils, moisture.


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