Aramid fabric

Product Description

The Aramid or else as commonly referred to as Kevlar, which is a brand name that was given first by DuPont is a very strong fiber having excellent resistance and mechanical properties than the glass fibers, and has come to be used in antiballistic applications and objects for military use (helmets, special costumes masks etc) but not excluding the use in racing boats, cars, etc.

The Aramid (or Kevlar or Nomex or Technora, depending on the manufacturer) has excellent impact resistance and stress resistance, high tensile strength and was actually developed as a substitute product against iron. Impregnated with all resins

The aramid fibers are used in the same way as the glass fibers to produce reinforced structures in various forms. So there aramid knitted fabrics in various weaves (plain, twill, satin etc.) and also hybrid fabrics

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